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I am interested in the Business School. Can I meet someone from the School?

Don’t hesitate to come and visit the school, attend a class, meet someone from our admissions office. Appointments can be scheduled over the phone (+33 1 47 34 38 23) or by email.

When should I apply?

The application for our BBA program can be downloaded here and is due:

  • October Intake: August 10th
  • February Intake: December 20th
  • If for some reasons you would not meet these deadlines, please contact us.

I am an international student. Am I eligible to apply?

If you are an international student and studying at an international university or college, you are fully eligible for admission into the Business School as long as you provide us with official transcripts + description of courses you followed.

Are transfer credits accepted?

IFAM does accept transfer credits. We need to receive from you official transcripts and detailed syllabi.

Should I take a foreign language?

The business world is becoming increasingly global, so a language can help you in that regard. However, it is not a requirement for admission. Once at IFAM you will have to take a foreign language class.


Which GMAT scores (for MBA program admissions) must I report on my application? Can my official GMAT scores arrive after the deadline for which I applied?

You must report the unofficial GMAT scores given the day of the test. The official GMAT scores sent by ETS may arrive after the deadline dates.

Do you offer any executive MBA or part-time programs?

The IFAM MBA programs are (9 months – International MBA, 15 months MBA University), full time programs that start in the fall. IFAM does offer a possibility for executives to obtain the degree in a longer period of time (with less courses per semester).

I am still an undergraduate student. How long do I need to work before applying?

Traditionally, we admit a certain number of applicants directly from university each year. We strive to find outstanding leaders at different points in their professional lives. Some applicants may meet this criteria immediately following undergraduate school, while others may need several years of full time work experience before they apply. We want outstanding applicants to consider IFAM Business School as an option when they feel that the time is right for them and they can demonstrate the criteria we are looking for.


What is the best area to live while studying at IFAM?

IFAM Business School is located in the heart of Paris (near Eiffel Tower) on the border of 15th and 7th area (arrondissement). Most of IFAM students are primarily looking for apartments in this area. You should know that 14th is very close to IFAM and more affordable. But as Paris has very well developed public transport, you can live in almost any area (and you will be always maximum 30min from IFAM). Some students choose to live in the suburb areas and there are some nice (well connected by metro) places, around the city. This is often the choice of students who prefer to rent a bigger flat and share it with friends.

How can I find an apartment?

There are several possibilities to find an apartment in Paris:

  • Consult a Renting Agency (l’agence de location). This is the easiest way because the agency can do the research for you. You have to count that this is a fee based service (up to one month rent). Most of those agencies have their internet sites.
  • Rent a flat previously rented by finishing IFAM students. In this case you will have to establish the contact before the summer holidays. You can send us your AD (request), or try to establish direct contact.
  • “Cite Universitaire” can be a good place to look for housing. However this is a very long process and you should contact our office no later then November of the previous year of your coming to IFAM.

Health insurance - Social security

Is IFAM affiliated to the French national insurance system?

 Students are enrolled in and covered by the national students social security, and thus may profit from, for example, student's restaurant and the university sports facilities.