Since 1982, the first program in the heart of Paris

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Our mission

By participating to one of our programs, you will be able to understand the future requirements set by global challenges, to manage effectively the different situations you will be facing in your future career, and to seek for excellence.

Our mission

IFAM Business School students are encouraged to develop competencies in :

  • Leadership and interpersonal communication,
  • Problem solving and analysis,
  • Fast learning,
  • Applying critical thinking to Management in a global context. 

Our objectives

  • An academic tradition that combines scholarly excellence with continuing interaction with business leaders and current management issues.
  • A culture that is based on merit and that is congenial to people of widely varying ethnicities, and national backgrounds.
  • A tradition and commitment to the importance of a global perspective and ethical behavior in the conduct of business. 

In order to fulfil this mission we had to adopt several rules: excellence, coherence, focus, innovation, and communication. Those are the issues that win the race in the world that evolves from day to day.