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 Two internships with specific reports must have been completed during the BBA program. These two reports will be graded and counted in your overall GPA.

1st Year Internship

  • Length: minimum 6 weeks
  • Objective: Discovering the business environment 

2nd Year Internship

  • Length: minimum 2 months
  • Objective: Applying your Specialization choice  

Thanks to strong links to France's business community, our students have many opportunities to work for a variety of companies during their summers.

In the French tradition internships are mostly available during the summer break from June to September. The Career Services Office lists weekly internships that are available to the students. These offers are posted on a specific board in school’s premises and on our blog with restricted access. 

In addition IFAM Business School students can also choose to go on a Summer Session, in place of the internship. The most popular one is the partnership developed with Sofia University (Tokyo, Japan) which proposes a genuine experiment of Japanese business environment.