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IFAM Alumni Network (IN)

Everyone agrees - today more than ever, who you know helps you succeed in business. But it takes time and effort to develop a circle of knowledgeable contacts and mentors. Personal contacts do not guarantee success but no contacts guarantee failure.

The mission of the IFAM Worldwide Alumni Network (IN) is "to build lasting links to IFAM and its future." The office of our Alumni organization recognizes that graduates of the IFAM are students for some years and alumni for a lifetime. The office seeks to engage students during their studies and establish permanent life-long relationships between them and the School. 

There are currently over 2500 IFAM alumni living all over the world. Why lose time? Become a part of the team. Join IN!

Our alumni are our most valuable asset and by investing in them through a database, events, publications, clubs and an interactive website we can connect worldwide and make a difference for each other and for the School.

> Contact us to obtain your login and password.