Since 1982, the first program in the heart of Paris

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IFAM Business School is ideally located in the heart of Paris. The City of Light is of course a cultural reference but also a global business center where many multinational firms are headquartered and where many international politic events are organized. 

The fact that we are in Paris is a big attraction to our students. The school is within comfortable walking distance of the Eiffel Tower, UNESCO, the Left Bank Latin Quarter and the Champs Elysées. 

IFAM Business School is today at Paris image : contemporary, multicultural, modern, dynamic, recognized. Students always enjoy Paris for its various museums, numerous art exhibits, shows, and restaurants. All these cultural activities improve our students creativity.

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IFAM Business School

  • 19 rue Cépré
  • 75015 Paris
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+ 33 1 47 34 38 23
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+ 33 1 47 83 31 72
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