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The most important was to have courses taught in English. Also, IFAM is a real American school with credits that are recognized in United States. I had the idea to study or to work in U.S; IFAM looks just the way to reach this goal.

To be with people coming from all over the world where each of them had their own culture, their own beliefs and their own way to work it was like traveling all over these countries.

The relation between the teachers and students was also a real plus. Teachers treat you like future worker. You built a closed relationship with them because we were in class of 20-30 people.

IFAM offers also a wide range of different subjects. From marketing to Accounting, through Communication, Human Resources, Management and Finance, it gave me a global vision of Business and allowed me to study courses more and more specific and appealing to my career through years.

I obtained my Bachelor In 2007 and my dream came true: I am now working for Vogue In NY.

Jérémie Roumilhac


As a student in 1985 I wrote in my application form that as a result of having been raised in Japan, being of dual European citizenship and having received an Anglo-Saxon education, I had developed the sensitivity to understand cultural differences and act upon them in accordance with changes in my environment. I have always looked forward to cultivating this sensitivity.  The foundation of the education I received at IFAM enabled me to mature and provided me with the confidence required to execute different international work assignments and presently continue my professional education.

Florence Kintzel


I graduated from IFAM with the Pace University MBA program in 1988 (20 years ago already!). I must say it was a tremendous experience and truly gave me a boost in my career. The international perspective, quality of the teaching staff and cultural diversity of the student body have had a lasting positive impression on me. Today, thanks to this rich IFAM experience, I’m working as a successful international consultant (in more than 70 countries) with my own management-consulting firm specialized in Human Resources and change management.

Christopher Stratford


I remember with pleasure the time spent at IFAM. It was a memorable period for my life, I had the opportunity of trying a different approach to study, I had the possibility to meet new people from different places of the world and just these put together help you to view things and to think about any subject in many ways.

The pleasant time spent at IFAM was also due to the professional and wonderful attitude of all the people working there, and I will like to mention here Ms. Joseph and her daughter and not in the end all the teachers with whom I had the opportunity to study.

The things I learned at IFAM and the experience I gained through its program helped me in my life and personal carreer, as you probably knew I am working at HP (in fact I am in my last couple days here) for 3 years and 2 months now. I was Coordinator for the Operation Specialists team looking after the HP partners (wholesalers and retailers) from UK & IRE. In couple of days I will start a new role in another company, also a multinational one, Rockwool, which is a top world leader manufacturer of insulation materials for the construction industry and my job role will be as a Key User for their internal customers with more involvement in implementing systems like CRM and SAP in their work structure. I am looking forward for this new opportunity, to develop my career.

Horatiu Valentin Dita


I got my BBA in 2003 from IFAM and started working right away for a French software company. This experience is giving me the opportunity to work both in France and Canada.

Studying at IFAM gave me a solid knowledge that helped me deal with all the culture differences that I faced during all my transfers. It also helped me being efficient in a large international company where working and communicating in English with colleagues and customers from all around the world are your daily tasks. All the projects made at IFAM during my studies gave me a good insight of what to expect on a real project where you work with a large team of consultants that are from different companies and with different backgrounds.

Jonathan Gil